Back in the blogosphere!

After a year or two of being out of the blogosphere, I have decided to return! is a website that I have owned since 2011 and housed my personal blog for many years, but I have decided to start fresh and instead of just document my life, I want to write more about things I am passionate about, mainly mental health and other lifestyle-y things! Last year (2015) I set about re-designing and re-developing Bonkers, however I took a bad turn with my own mental health meaning that the site fell by the wayside. BUT here we finally are! Right now, I only have a few ideas for posts, but I’m hoping that once I’ve got back into the swing of things then ideas will come a lot easier to me. For now though, I’m just going to take it as it comes and focus on gaining some momentum.

I guess I should tell you a little bit about myself before I get to work on writing some REAL content!

11990674_10156010229105322_7978743415109233684_nI’m 24 years old and I live in London (just!) with my husband. I have a degree in Psychology with Clinical Psychology and I’m currently studying for an MSc in Mental Health Studies. I hope to eventually get through the clinical psychology doctorate and become a clinical psychologist! Alongside my studies I’m a web designer, and have been since I got my first website when I was 12. At one point I wanted to go into design as a career, but after first coming into contact with the mental health services in my teens I changed my mind and decided that I wanted to help people like me instead.
Like many, I love music! I’m quite eclectic but I would say my usual playlists contain more metal/rock than anything else. I just like anything I can dance (shuffle awkwardly) around to! Reading is also another passion of mine, although due to being a fast reader and nearly backrupting us about 6 months ago buying books from the Kindle Store, I’m currently only allowed to buy my books from charity shops, meaning I often run out and have long periods where I have nothing to read 🙁 During these times I usually read articles or journal papers, but nothing beats a good book!

So that’s all from me for now. I hope you will all join me on this new journey!

Much love, Faye
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August 5, 2016