Seeking mental health guest bloggers!

When I started thinking about reopening Bonkers, I fully intended for it to be a platform from which not only could I write about my own life stories, opinions and the like, but also raise awareness about mental health conditions. However I’ve been struggling to write any pieces without them feeling like I’m just regurgitating symptom lists or things that I’ve learnt through my masters! I’ve been wracking my brains for the past few days to think of a solution, until I finally had a EUREKA moment in the shower just now. Guest bloggers! What better way to raise awareness of what particular mental health conditions are and how they effect people, than by having someone who actually lives with those conditions say what it feels like and how they experience it day to day! I could start the post with a bit of information about the condition in general, and then hand it over to someone who can speak from experience what it actually entails for them as an individual! A ‘living with’ blog series as it were!

So here I am, calling out to everyone and anyone who has experience with any mental health condition (or multiple conditions). Whether it be yourself or someone close to you affected, I’d love to speak with you and maybe share your experience if you permit me to! You wouldn’t have to write much, or even anything at all if you prefered. I wouldn’t have to include your name if you didn’t want either. We can go about it however you feel comfortable. If you would like some more information on being a guest blogger please don’t hesitate to contact me!

Let’s get together and show the world what it’s like to live with a mental illness! Together we can bash down those barriers, smash stigmas and continue to raise awareness, which is so very important in todays world!

Much love, Faye
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