Guest blog: Mental Hillness

A good friend of mine, with whom (and 3 lovely ladies) I helped set up the Facebook mental health support group ‘Muddled Minds‘, wrote this poem and agreed to let me share it with you all! In my opinion it’s brilliant, and captures the ups and downs and the speed of particular illnesses very well!

Mental Hillness

BPD is no fun for me.
When I’m bipolar 2- it’s no fun for you.

Please do not fear me when I am manic,
This moment will pass there’s no need to panic.

I may speak fast- from topic to topic,
I know it’s annoying but I just cannot stop it!

I would love you to walk a mile in my shoes,
Do you think you could handle it? Or do you think you would lose?

There are many notions but no magic potions,
Try living each day with rapid cycling emotions.

Doctors try and treat us with pill after pill,
But often these medicines just make us feel ill.

Somedays are great!
We feel grateful and glad!
Other days are gloomy, we feel dark and sad.

We never asked for this burden, it’s a real infliction!
Many people don’t understand us, but it’s certainly non fiction.

We rarely get the help that is so often needed,
We’re just left to cope- unaided, untreated.

Poor mental health still carries a stigma,
We mean you no harm- we’re just an enigma.

A normal life is all that we crave,
But often we fall victim to our mind as a slave.

Schizophrenia is no fun hearing things that aren’t there.
Hallucinations, ideations so real they’ll make you scared.

Trichotillamania, some call it insania!
As you pull out each strand of your hair.

Try not to persist, instead just resist!
There is always somebody that cares.

Depression is an illness that affects many sometimes,
we have to fight it, it’s all in our minds.

Like post traumatic stress disorder- try and leave that grief aside.
Look towards the future, never look behind.

Dissociative identity disorder,
You never know who you’ll be!
From crying in a corner to laughing endlessly.

Seasonal affective disorder, try not to get too sad.
Take a walk in nature, soak up the sun and remember it’s not that bad.

Bipolar, cyclothymia, a beast inside your head.
Try to remain positive and put those beasts to bed.

Dermatillomania, the desire to pick your skin.
The urge can be controlling but please do not givin.

The need to keep things in order could be obsessive compulsive disorder,
Try therapy- it could be the key to setting yourself free.

Want to be thin? Want to be big? Be careful what you order.
Counting calories and counting fat could lead to an eating disorder.

The human form is a perfect design, from the way we move to the power of the mind.

Where is your strength?
Is it in your legs or your arms?
Don’t damage your body, self harm’s not a hobby!

Embrace life and love who you are.

~ Richard Sharpe

I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did!

Much love, Faye
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