About Faye

When people ask me to tell them about myself, I usually experience a genuine brain fart and answer with ‘ummerrridunnoimfaye’, accompanied with an intense feeling of wanting the ground to open up and swallow my entire existance whole.

Anyway, dramatics aside, I guess I should start with the basics.

I’m 24 years old and I live on the Surrey/London border.

I studied Psychology with Clinical Psychology (BSc) at university and graduated in 2014, and I’m currently studying for an MSc in Mental Health Studies at Kings College, London. Once I finish I will being doing anything/everything I can to help myself get a place on a Clinical Psychology doctorate. One day you’ll be calling me Dr Faye!
Alongside my studies I’m a web designer. I’ve been designing and developing (front end) websites since I was 12. For almost 4 years I worked within a university team, designing, developing, managing and supporting the university websites. I loved it but sadly I had to leave due to the commencement of my MSc, so I now just take on freelance work through Faluma Design.


In August 2014 I married the most amazing man, Luca. He is my best friend, partner in crime, and fellow lanky IT nerd who shares my passion for all things web. Together we have 2 rats – Spock (black and white) and Castiel (beige). We’ve had rats in the past too, along with a few too many mice, but these are the only two we currently have! Spock and Cass are so sweet natured and cuddly, and have brought us so much joy with their cute faces and awkward sleeping positions! We hope to someday add a few more furries to our family, and hey… Maybe even add some little humans one day too!


What is Bonkers?

Bonkers is a lifestyle / mental health / anything blog that I’ve been running (with a year break) since 2011. In the past I always just wrote about anything, using free themes because I was too busy and/or lazy to make my own, however last year I decided to have a fresh start and set about designing and developing the Bonkers you see today! This time around Bonkers has more of a purpose – to educate and inspire (cliché level 100). I intend to focus mainly on mental health, raising awareness and offering insight into the lives of those who struggle on a daily basis. I want to reach out to those individuals too, and offer kind words of support and advice. If at least one person leaves the site feeling like they’ve learnt something new or feeling a little more empowered, then I know I am on the right track!

If you’d like to get in touch with me, feel free to drop me an email at faye@bonkers.me or catch me on Twitter or Facebook.

Please note: Currently bonkers.me redirects to a subdomain sitting under my personal website (faye.nu) – this is hopefully a temporary measure.