Luca: Living with a borderline

Living with an individual who has borderline personality disorder is… unpredictable.

It’s a fine line between emotional and a mental health disorder I think, especially to the outside world. Identifying the patterns can be difficult but once you see them, they can’t be unseen. There is consistency in the inconsistency. The 2 key factors are:

Time: even if Faye’s mood changes significantly on an hourly basis, there is predictable behaviour on a approximately weekly cycle. There are even larger timescales of months and quarters but I won’t get into that.
Mood state: happy, sad, excitable, eager, inventive, optimistic, depressed, self conscious, daring. The list goes on. They all could happen in a single day but 1 or 2 tend to be what most people see.
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Guest blog: Living with bipolar & schizoaffective disorder

I’m very excited to introduce my first guest blogger, Jessica. Jessica is diagnosed with bipolar type 1 (depression and full blown mania), plus schizoaffective disorder which can leave her struggling with hallucinations and delusions, particularly when she is experiencing mania. She has very kindly written about some of her experience for me to share with you.
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